Yogurt City: A Sweet Experience

Yogurt City Prince Frederick MD 20678 Frozen Yogurt Cups

I love ice cream and more specifically frozen yogurt. When I heard that Yogurt City was already open in Prince Fredrick I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Yogurt City is located in the Prince Frederick Shopping Center with the Green Turtle and Sakura.

When you enter you are greeted by bright colors, fun music, the fixings bar, and the row of self-serve yogurt machines. You start by grabbing your cup size, choose your selected frozen yogurt(s), and then top if off with all the fixings you desire.

Yogurt City Frozen Yogurt Dispensers

The parlor had limited seating consisting of a few tables and bar height counter top facing the parking lot. I can imagine on a hot summer day you will not be able to find a table. So, plan to stand or take it to go as we did.

Some of the flavors available today were cake batter, chocolate cookies and crème, banana, fat free vanilla, peanut butter, pistachio, coconut, mango tango, red velvet, strawberry, and more! That’s more than 10 flavors and I think there were a total of 12 flavors to choose from. The fixings bar had a variety of fresh fruit, candies, sprinkles, sauces, and more. You pay per ounce, $.46.


My wife had chocolate cookies and crème, cake batter, and peanut butter yogurt and topped it with chocolate covered pretzels, Reese pieces bits, and hot fudge. My sundae consisted of banana, cake batter, and chocolate cookies and crème frozen yogurts. I topped the banana with kiwi and strawberries; the cake batter with Reese pieces and chocolate covered pretzels; and the chocolate cookies and crème with non-parels. Then I smothered everything in rainbow sprinkles! The total weight of our two sundaes was 27 ounces – about $13.50 with tax. In addition, they also offer loyalty cards and apply 10% of your purchase for each visit. So, after 10 visits you’ll get a free one.

Yogurt City in Prince Frederick, MD 20678 was definitely a nice treat that both my wife and I enjoy and will go back to in the future. It was convenient, fun to do, and yummy. What’s in your perfect sundae – leave comment below?

Yogurt City

78 Solomons island Road
Prince Frederick, MD 20678



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