Nagoya Asian Bistro: A Bit of Asia in Calvert County

Nagoya Asian Bistro Prince Frederick MD

I’m always happy when a restaurant closes and something better takes its place. Just last week, “something better” moved into what many of you know as the old Arby’s in Prince Frederick.

There have been signs up for the Nagoya Asian Bistro for a while, but it’s finally open and worth the wait.

You can sit at a table inside the beautifully decorated space or you can sit at the sushi bar and watch the chef in action. Either way, it’s clean, comfortable, and nicely done. The service is fast and friendly and you won’t leave hungry.

Nagoya Asian Bistro Sushi

The sushi is delicious with generous chunks of fish inside and very reasonably priced. I ordered a lunch special with two rolls for $7.50 and it included both soup and salad. The sushi menu has typical raw fish specialties, but also includes cooked fish options.

The menu has several Chinese dishes, Korean bulgoki, and traditional Japanese dishes like tempura and teriyaki. In fact, the menu is so big, we had a difficult time making a decision. Unlike many Asian restaurants, there is a dessert menu, so if you aren’t stuffed (and even if you are), you may want to try something sweet. We enjoyed the tempura ice cream. It’s similar to a deep fried ice cream, but with tempura batter and an ice cream that is sweeter like frozen custard.

Nagoya offers lunch specials, but even the regular pricing is fair and the portions are large enough that you can fill up without breaking the bank. They even have a children’s menu. Check it out. If you like Asian food, this is the place to go with enough choices to make everyone happy.

Nagoya Asian Bistro

784 Prince Frederick Blvd
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
Phone: 410-535-0889



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