Finca Serena Alpaca Ranch: Artisanal Products and New Friends

Finca Serena Alpaca Ranch Port Republic MD 20676 Alpacas

There are places you go because you love the product, and then you go back to because you love the people just as much. That’s what I found at Calvert County’s only alpaca farm, Finca Serena.

I thought I’d stop by for a few minutes and see what this farm had to offer, but after an hour, I was still standing there, talking to Dorys Brennan and laughing at the quirky personalities of her alpaca friends.


We began in her shop where you will find the beautiful scarves, mittens, sweaters and other products that have been hand-dyed and woven from her own alpaca’s fleece. If you haven’t touched alpaca, you should. It has all the qualities of cashmere, the warmth of wool, and yet is soft, lightweight, and wears well. Amazed by the gorgeous display, I assumed that Dorys had learned the art of knitting from her mother, but she didn’t. When asked, she replied, “YouTube”.

Until eight years ago, Dorys didn’t know anything about alpacas or knitting, but after years in a Massachusetts office job, she and her husband decided to settle in Calvert County for its milder winters. When they bought a property with some land and a barn, she searched for a low maintenance animal to graze on it and quickly fell in love with the alpaca.


From her original two, she now has 8 females and 4 males. Herd animals, they do well together and love to play. My girls and I fell in love with affectionate Ariana, a sweet female who isn’t as shy as the others and will come right up and gently sniff you.

We spent most of our time feeding the gentle animals, watching them run, eat, and play and visiting with Dorys who is happy to tell you all you’d like to know about her furry friends.


Although the Finca Serena Ranch and Boutique is open all year by appointment only, you can visit every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from November 1st through Christmas Eve and she’ll be at the Calvert County’s Festival of Trees. Just 5 minutes off Route 4, it’s an easy stop to see some lovely gifts and meet the alpacas who are sure to bring a smile even on the dreariest of days.

Finca Serena Alpaca Ranch

1930 Rosemary Lane
Port Republic, MD 20676
Phone: 443-498-8476



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